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The execution of our three-pillar strategy remains central to our aim to build a sustainable business that drives profitable top line sales growth.

Group Strategy and Key Performance Indicators

Halfords has a very clear place in the UK retail market. It is an iconic British brand with a fantastic heritage, having over 100 years' presence on the retail High Street, both in cycling and aftermarket car products. Our offer remains as relevant to our customers as it has always been and, considering the busy lives of today's consumers, we seek to provide healthy and enjoyable lifestyle solutions through our Cycling and Travel Solutions products and time-saving solutions via our Do It For Me repair and fitting services.

Our Group strategy is built on the Halfords vision that We Help and Inspire our Customers with their Life on the Move. However, as we have continued to develop this strategy we are now looking to deliver this vision and to maximise returns for our shareholders by focusing on the specific priorities required to create a sustainable business servicing our customers' needs for many years to come.

Group Strategy Description

Brand And Heritage

The execution of our three-pillared strategy remains central to our aim to build a sustainable business that not only drives profitable top line sales growth in the medium to long-term, but also seeks to promote a strong culture of work ethic and enjoyment with a focus on colleague development, combined with a determination to provide exceptional customer service, thus adding value for both our customers and our shareholders.

Strategic Pillars Refocused

However, we have refocused these pillars to deliver clear purpose and definition to our customers and create a passionate and emotional connection between them, our colleagues and our products.

Within these three pillars our strategy is to drive top line sales growth from our core business. In Retail this means our 466 stores, our Retail website and product categories in which we hold leading market positions and in our Autocentres business through our 283 autocentres and We intend to do this by focusing on our Getting Into Gear 2016 programme, the key elements of which are:

  1. Service Revolution;
  2. The H Factor;
  3. Stores Fit to Shop;
  4. 21st Century Infrastructure; and
  5. Click with the Digital Future.

Each of these elements is explored in more detail starting in Transforming Halfords.

A Strategy Focused on Execution

Strategy Focused On Executi

By delivering these we aim to ensure that our customers see Halfords as the No.1 destination for all of the products that we offer, thus enhancing our customers' use of their car, their bikes and their leisure activities.

We aim to Support Drivers of Every Car by re-establishing Halfords as the auto-specialist, providing the products, services and expertise required to take the hassle out of motoring and making driving more enjoyable. We are able to encourage our customers to do it for themselves or alternatively we are able to do it for them. We are dedicated to providing the right level of service for our customers from stocking the right products both in-store and online at competitive prices, complemented by a 7 days a week on-demand fitting service within our Retail stores to a full service and repair offer through the national coverage afforded by our Autocentres garages.

With our heritage in bikes we aim to Inspire Cyclists of Every Age with our unsurpassed product ranges and brands and with quality service and expertise and we will continue to offer these products and services whether it be to customers who are purchasing their first bike or a top-of-the-range Boardman or Pinarello racing bike. We aim to build on our service and brand credentials as well as providing a wide range of PACs — contributing to the growing popularity of cycling as a healthy and environmentally friendly form of transport.

Cycle On Roof Rack

Demonstrating full solutions with combined storage and
cycle transport systems

With our heritage in bikes we aim to Inspire Cyclists of Every Age with our unsurpassed product ranges and brands and with quality service and expertise.

With the development of our own ranges of camping equipment (such as Urban Escape), the continued supply of Gelert camping equipment and accessories and the enhancement of our caravanning accessories we will seek to Equip Families for their Leisure Time. The demand for a more active leisure time and the desire for the enjoyment of simple family pleasures, such as camping and caravanning gives Halfords the opportunity to engage with our customers and help them make the most of their time outdoors and to help them get there.

As part of our three-pillared strategy and supported by our key priorities we will continue to offer a unique range of products which is constantly innovated and extended. This is to be matched by an unparalleled honest and trustworthy service delivered by our well-trained, enthusiastic and knowledgeable colleagues in-store, at the Autocentres and online to help our customers, from novices to enthusiasts, work out exactly what they need. Our unique store fitting service and competitive Autocentre repair service gives customers the choice of having us do it for them or doing it themselves. We deliver convenient and value solutions to our customers, where they can get what they need when they need it, through our extensive store network with market-leading coverage, open 7 days a week, and 24/7 online, with a market leading multichannel offer available to order or reserve online, with delivery to store or direct to home. Our Autocentres network can deal with planned and emergency work alike.

We provide our customers with solutions that are backed by true brand heritage and that offer real value by balancing high quality products with a competitive combination of range, price and service and in the Autocentres garages we provide dealership quality services at independent garage prices.

We provide our customers with solutions that are backed by true brand heritage and offer real value.

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