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KPIDefinitionCommitmentAnnual Performance2013Previous Years
Underlying ProfitMeasures the normal underlying performance of the business after removing non-recurring items.The Board considers that this measurement of profitability provides stakeholders with information on trends and performance.Broadly flat Retail gross margin and a decline in the Autocentres gross margin, together with Retail operating costs up 5.3% and the profit drag created by the Autocentre investment programme, have contributed to a 21.9% decline in underlying Profit Before Tax.£72.0mDetails
Underlying Earnings per Share ("EPS")Underlying profits as defined above divided by the number of shares in issue.EPS is a measure of our investment thesis and as such we aim to manage revenues and margins and invest in long-term growth.As a result of the above decline in profits, EPS before non-recurring items is down 17.8% year-on-year.27.7pDetails
Net DebtBank debt plus finance leases, less cash and cash equivalents both in-hand and at bank.The Group remains strongly cash generative and continues to invest in the business. The Board is committed to maintaining an efficient balance sheet, returning any surplus capital not required to fund growth to shareholders.The Group has continued its strong track record of operating cash generation. Net cash generated from operating activities in the year was £93.5m (FY12: £89.7m).£110.6mDetails
Dividend per Ordinary ShareCash returned to shareholders as a return on their investment in the Company.To maintain this policy whilst retaining the flexibility to invest when opportunities are identified.The Board has recommended a final dividend of 9.1 pence per share (FY12: 14.0 pence). The Board continues to recognise the importance of dividends but believes that such dividends should be prudently covered by earnings.17.1pDetails
Total Revenues(1)Total sales revenues from all business activities.The Group is committed to growing sales in all of its core trading activities.At £871.3m Group revenues were up 1.0% year-on-year. Retail revenues at £745.5m were down 0.9%, whilst Autocentres revenues at £125.8m were up 13.5%.£871.3mDetails
Costs (as a % of sales)Group operating expenses from all business activities expressed as a percentage of sales.We are committed to controlling costs and the efficient use of resources, both through cross-functional initiatives and a culture of cost awareness.Total Group Operating costs before non-recurring items increased by 6.2% driven by a 13.1% increase in Support Centre costs as a result of the investment in improved recruitment and training in stores and enhanced Support Centre capability. The one-off costs associated with executive team changes were also included in Support Centre costs.45.8%Details
  1. Figures for the years 2009–2010 relate to the Retail business only.
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