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We continue to target an opening programme of between 20 to 30 new centres per year.

KPIDefinitionStrategyGetting Into Gear 2016CommitmentAnnual Performance2013Previous Years
Like-for-like sales represent revenues from centres trading for more than 12 months.Supporting Icon

We are committed to maximising our like-for-like sales opportunities in whatever economic environment we find ourselves.We continue to drive LfL growth despite operating in a declining market.+7.0%Details
Fleet Sales (as a % of Total Sales)Sales accessed from car fleet operators.Supporting Icon

The Company will continue to focus on providing dealer quality services at independent garage prices.This year has seen tough fleet market conditions. Whilst the number of vehicles has increased by 2% there are less fleet cars reaching MOT age, as they are being sold into the second-hand car market before they need maintaining.22.0%Details
Number of CentresThe number of autocentre servicing centres within the UK.Supporting Icon
Our research on the geography and demographics of the c.£9bn Car Servicing and repair market and of our local catchment sizes shows that there is scope for up to 600 autocentres.We continue to target an opening programme of between 20 to 30 new centres per year as well as building a future pipeline of quality sites.283Details
Jobs per Productive per Week ("jpppw")Total jobs undertaken by the centres divided by the average number of productive technicians and apprentices.Supporting Icon
We aim to increase sales in existing centres and make use of spare capacity in our technicians. We believe that we can raise jpppw to c.17, without needing to obtain more fixed-cost labour.We continue to utilise spare capacity with additional Service/Mechanical/Repairs jobs.16.0Details
Online BookingsThe number of service bookings made via against those made direct with the Centres.Supporting IconEnhancing our online offer and further extending our online presence through both and is a Group investment priority.We continue to invest in our online presence with a new site and e-diary proposition launched in April 2013.216,875Details
  1. Figures for the years 2009–2010 relate to the business before it was owned by Halfords Group plc.
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